FAST Logistics Group, the leading end-to-end logistics company in the Philippines, empowers small and medium enterprises to boost sales and expand their customer base with its innovative logistics solutions such as the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the Transport Management System (TMS).

Candies, chocolates, and other delectable products have always been a beacon of joy for children and adults alike, transcending the geographical boundaries that logistics professionals work tirelessly to create and overcome. As demand for these sweet delights continues to skyrocket, storing and transporting these essential goodies becomes more crucial to business success.

Guaranteeing the on-time delivery of these products while maintaining their quality and freshness should be the top priority of confectionery companies and distributors. This is a complex challenge that requires detailed planning and precise execution, guaranteeing efficient delivery of every item to boost customer satisfaction and experience. This is where innovative logistics services come into play.

the partnership between FAST Logistics Group and Resourceful Marketing Inc. enables the efficient storage and delivery of confectionery products

Partnership Bound By Innovation

Innovation has been the bedrock of the partnership between FAST Logistics Group and Resourceful International Marketing Incorporated — a Davao-based distributor, importer, and wholesaler of sweets, snacks, and chocolates. This powerful partnership has facilitated the seamless and on-time delivery of confectionery products such as candies, chocolates, and snacks to retail outlets throughout Mindanao.

Since it began its operations in Davao in 2001, Resourceful has been engaged in supplying delightful treats to shopping malls, pharmacies, and groceries in Davao, General Santos City, Cotabato, Cagayan, and Agusan del Norte, among other provinces in Mindanao. Its portfolio boasts a diverse range of beloved brands, including Trolli Gummy Candies, Juju, and Arcor, which have captured the taste buds of Filipinos far and wide.

With access to FAST’s logistics solutions, spanning warehouse and transportation services, Resourceful was able to automate and streamline its supply chain operations. The candy distributor also saw substantial growth in terms of sales and customer base.

A trusted logistics partner of leading brands in the country, FAST operates the country’s most extensive warehouse infrastructure, the largest fleet of trucks, and the broadest sales and distribution network. With over 13,000 employees, FAST covers 94% of the nation’s provinces, ensuring unparalleled service and efficiency.

candies, chocolates, and snacks inside a warehouse in davao

Improved Warehouse Operations

FAST’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), a sophisticated software solution powered by Honeywell, significantly enhanced warehouse operations involving Resourceful Products. WMS streamlined every aspect of its warehouse process, making it more convenient, efficient, and accurate.

As the sole implementer of Honeywell’s WMS in the Philippines, FAST leads the charge in warehousing innovation and solutions for seamless operations and optimized performance in distribution and fulfillment centers.

Joey Lacanaria Catulos, a sales officer at Resourceful in Southern Mindanao, mentioned that the candy distributor showed interest in the Warehouse Management System (WMS) offered by FAST. He said they were keen on exploring the technology to increase their warehouse operations’ overall performance.

FAST’s WMS proved to be advantageous to Resourceful’s warehouse processes. By implementing this technology, the process of mapping and tracking inventories became both easier and more accurate, an essential factor in handling food products. Moreover, the software incorporated measures to guarantee the meticulous accounting of every item, down to the last gummy bear.

The integration of WMS also removed the paperwork and eliminated variances that slow down operations and open risks for human errors. With WMS, every process is automated and data and insights are captured in real-time, which reduces lead time and makes operations more productive. Such is important for growing businesses and SMEs like Resourceful.

FAST has been providing logistics solutions to multinational corporations, Filipino conglomerates, small and medium enterprises, and sari-sari store formats.

FAST Warehouse Supervisor in Davao Nicole Bulawan highlighted the importance of WMS in warehouse operations, particularly in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of inventory. “Our clients,” she said, “appreciate WMS especially when they request data from us, we can easily provide it to them.”

Reliable Product Delivery

Aside from warehousing solutions, FAST also provides topnotch transportation services to the company through its Transport Management System (TMS). For a business like Resourceful, where daily deliveries are a norm, a dependable transport mechanism is needed to meet consumer demand and ensure customer satisfaction.

FAST TMS make the delivery of Resourceful brand of goodies faster, reducing the risk of late or canceled deliveries amid high demand across Mindanao. With TMS in place, Resourceful delivers its products to the biggest malls and other supermarkets at the right time and with ease.

FAST TMS leverages technology and offers significant advantages over manual processes and logistics services in terms of efficiency, cost savings, accuracy, visibility, data analysis, and better customer service. The system essentially acts as the all-in-one logistics platform to manage the movement of goods within the supply chain, from warehouses to distribution centers and end customers.

Resourceful also gained an advantage from FAST’s vast transport network not just in Davao but the entire Mindanao, enabling them to reach even remote and underserved areas. “They (FAST) have a wider network in Davao and the whole of Mindanao, making them capable of delivering the products even in remote areas,” Mr. Catulos said.

He also emphasized that FAST’s transportation solutions outperform competitors in terms of cost and speed because of its expansive fleet of trucks.

FAST TMS integrates the Truckers App and iDeliver, elevating transparency in the transportation delivery process. These applications offer supply chain managers real-time visibility of a truck’s location from dispatch to delivery.

These applications enable companies to log in and monitor whether the driver has updated the delivery status, their current location, and if the delivery has been completed. With real-time tracking, FAST also reduces the risk of miscommunication or delays during product deliveries. Watch this video to learn more:

Logistics for Business Expansion and Growth

Every facet of Resourceful’s supply chain activities, including efficient warehouse management and the timely distribution of confectionery items to retail stores, is crucial and interconnected. The dedication and hard work of warehouse personnel and truck drivers, coupled with the efficient logistics solutions offered by FAST, contribute to driving the growth and expansion of both large manufacturers and SMEs such as Resourceful.

Mr. Catulos said FAST warehouse and transport solutions have brought several improvements in Resourceful operations, particularly in ensuring efficient warehouse operations and on-time deliveries, which led to an increase in their sales. In addition, the candy distributor is now able to deliver its products reliably to customers across Mindanao, building trust and loyalty with its consumers.

By relentlessly prioritizing innovation and service excellence, FAST transcends the role of a mere logistics provider. Instead, FAST has become a strategic partner of businesses to help them seize opportunities and thrive in a fiercely competitive market.

Resourceful’s experience serves as a testament to the importance of investments in strategic partnerships and innovative logistics solutions in ensuring efficient product delivery, overcoming logistical challenges, supporting companies’ expansion, and fostering business growth and success. Through these collaborations, SMEs can grow and candies and chocolates will continue to bring smiles and joyful moments to consumers across the Philippines.

With over 50 years of industry leadership, FAST Logistics Group is the leading end-to-end logistics company in the country that offers a comprehensive range of warehouse and transport solutions. To learn more about these, contact our Solutions Expert or visit

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