FAST Logistics Group, the Philippines’ leading provider of end-to-end logistics solutions, has showcased its advanced warehouse and transport services customized to meet the distinct needs of Davao-based companies. These solutions not only optimize their logistics operations but also drive inclusive growth in the Davao Region and across Mindanao.

Delegates from different companies and industries based in Davao convened at Dusit Thani in Davao City on April 3, 2024 for the FAST Solutions Roadshow, the second leg of the series launched by FAST Logistics Group to exhibit and display its vast capabilities and innovative logistics services. The first FAST Solutions Roadshow was held in Iloilo on February 7, 2024.

During the event, FAST presented its full suite of warehouse and transport solutions designed to cater to the unique supply chain requirements of businesses in Mindanao.

FAST showcased its extensive capabilities — from its advanced technologies and innovations to its massive warehouse footprint and transport fleet across the country. Attendees also gained insights into how FAST’s logistics solutions can improve supply chain operations and bolster the region’s vibrant economy.

CEO - Logistics of FAST Logistics Group Manuel Onrejas Jr speaks before the FAST Solutions Roadshow in Davao City

First Mindanao Event Organized by FAST

The Davao roadshow was the first event initiated and organized by FAST in Mindanao, underscoring its dedication to expanding its services and supporting businesses in the region.

With Davao City being one of the top economic centers in Mindanao, it was the ideal venue to demonstrate how FAST’s logistics solutions can contribute to inclusive growth and development in the region.

Davao has seen robust economic growth over the past years, driven by the rapid expansion of crucial industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and real estate. Notably, Davao plays an important role in the vast growth potential of Mindanao’s business landscape.

CEO for Logistics of FAST Logistics Group Manuel L. Onrejas Jr. emphasized Davao City’s significance in the logistics network of FAST due to its strategic location, port facilities, transportation networks, and role in facilitating trade and investment. 

“With FAST’s industry leadership, innovative approach, and customer-centric services, we are confident in our capability to help Mindanao businesses achieve their full potential and contribute to the region’s continued growth and development,” Manny stated.

“We are unwavering in our commitment towards serving the supply chain and logistics needs of Mindanao, and we are enthusiastic about the growth opportunities it presents,” he added.

FAST invited its existing partners and potential customers in Mindanao to explore and benefit from FAST’s solutions and services. The Solutions Roadshow offered a valuable opportunity for them to gain insights and make the most of what FAST has to offer.

Trusted Partner for Progress

FAST showcased its partnership with manufacturers and distributors based in Davao, illustrating how innovative logistics solutions contribute to businesses. These narratives underscored the deep trust and reliance these companies have placed on FAST as their logistics partner for several years.

Among the featured stories was that of BF Industries Inc., a Davao-based manufacturer of quality charcoal-based products. Leveraging FAST’s transportation services, BF Industries efficiently delivers charcoal briquettes and activated carbon to customers across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, including a prominent chicken restaurant franchise.

FAST also demonstrated how its Warehouse Management System and Transport Management System helped Resourceful International Marketing Inc. — a distributor, importer, and wholesaler of sweets, snacks, and chocolates — optimize its supply chain operations, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and faster delivery of its confectionery products in retail stores throughout Mindanao.

Likewise, FAST showcased its transport logistics solutions and value-adding supply chain services to Sanitary Care Products Asia (SCPA) Inc. Through FAST, SCPA guarantees prompt delivery of their hygiene products such as tissue, wet wipes, alcohol spray, and cotton to customers in Cagayan de Oro, General Santos City, and Cebu, while upholding their premium quality standards.

These stories provided attendees with insights on the best and most efficient solutions to help them grow, too. More importantly, participants learned that FAST solutions can seamlessly adjust to their operational changes, whether it’s an uptick in order volumes or shifts in market demand.

With FAST’s logistics solutions, local businesses are poised to reach greater heights and contribute to the ongoing efforts for growth, innovation, and sustainability. FAST is committed to creating pathways that would allow companies in Mindanao to optimize and scale their operations.

Local businesses thrive when equipped with proper logistical support, advanced technologies, and a nurturing ecosystem that fosters inclusive growth. Contact our Solutions Expert or visit to learn more about our services and solutions.

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