FAST Logistics Group, the leading company of logistics and selling distribution solutions in the Philippines, held its very first FAST Trucker’s Bootcamp, kicking off with its South Luzon Leg in Calamba, Laguna. 

FAST Logistics Group, the trusted logistics partner of the leading brands in the country, kicked off its first-ever FAST Trucker’s Bootcamp – Leg 1: South Luzon, which took place at Hotel Marciano in Calamba City, Laguna last Friday, October 6.

The launch of the FAST Trucker’s Bootcamp marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of excellence within the trucking sector. With the company’s commitment to empowering truckers, fostering innovation, and enhancing industry standards, this event is poised to revolutionize the way we think about trucking in the Philippines.

Trucker Excellence, Commitment and Growth

The very first FAST Trucker’s Bootcamp kicked off with a dynamic set of opening remarks from FAST Logistics Group, CEO of Logistics, Mr. Manny L. Onrejas Jr., who resonated with a sense of unity and empowerment, emphasizing the vital role truckers play in our society and the company as a whole.

Attendees were reminded that this bootcamp was not just about learning; it was about building a strong community of trucking professionals who are ready to take on the future. FAST Truckers Sourcing and Management took the helm in organizing this event, signaling its commitment to nurturing the next generation of trucker partners. 

Group CIO Mr. Jason Jan G. Ngo spoke on trucking tech in the future and highlighted the importance of staying ahead of the curve. He discussed how the future of the trucking industry is unfolding, both globally and in the country, as it is driven by cutting-edge technology. 

From autonomous vehicles to digital logistics platforms, the  FAST Trucker’s Bootcamp was quick to dive into this subject, presenting a glimpse of what lies ahead as the trucking industry evolves rapidly. Participants gained insights into how these innovations are reshaping the trucking landscape and how they can harness these technologies to improve efficiency, safety, and competitiveness in the years to come.

Revving Up the Trucking Industry as Partners

Fuel efficiency is an enduring concern for truckers, and the bootcamp dedicated a significant portion of its program to address this issue. Attendees were educated by Mr. Mark Philip Comandante, the Strategic Advisor for Dynamo Construction, who delved into on the latest strategies for optimizing fuel consumption, reducing carbon footprints, and lowering operational costs.

The importance of truck maintenance as the bedrock of a reliable and safe transportation system was also highlighted. Discussions about preventive maintenance routines, scheduled inspections, and the advantages of proactive care in preventing costly breakdowns.

At the FAST Trucker’s Bootcamp, participants were treated to a comprehensive refresher on subcon billing – a critical aspect of trucking operations. The session also covered how vital it is for trucking businesses to maintain financial health; expanding on topics such as proper documentation, invoicing protocols, and compliance with industry standards.

The bootcamp also dedicated a segment to delve into the intricacies of insurance coverage. They learned about the different types of insurance policies relevant to the industry; by the end, of this segment FAST trucker partners had a clearer understanding of how insurance can safeguard their businesses and livelihoods.

They also had the opportunity to explore options and connect with trusted suppliers. A session on how to source high-quality truck parts and establish valuable partnerships was held, that would support their maintenance needs. The emphasis was not only on finding suppliers but also on building lasting relationships within the local trucking ecosystem.

A Day of Trucking Excellence

The participants left the bootcamp not just as trucker partners, but as forward-thinking professionals ready to embrace the future of logistics. The discussions on the future of trucking technology, fuel efficiency, and maintenance underscored the company’s commitment and purpose to equipping its trucker partners with the tools they need to excel.

Overall, the FAST Trucker’s Bootcamp set the tone for FAST Trucker partners who were filled with knowledge and sense of camaraderie. If you’re looking to expand your business, you can fast-track your fleet’s success and unlock your truck’s full potential by becoming an accredited FAST Trucker here, you may also read our blog on the FAST Truckers Forum,

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