FAST Logistics Group, the leader in end-to-end logistics in the Philippines, presented its cold storage and warehouse services and innovations to social services officials of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

Representatives from the BARMM Ministry of Social Services and Development gained knowledge on the innovative techniques and operational strategies of cold chain and warehouse management during their learning visit and tour at the FAST ColdChain Hub in Tayud, Consolacion in Cebu on Wednesday, April 24.

A joint effort by FAST Logistics Group, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and the World Food Programme, the tour was designed to bolster the social services and logistical capabilities of the BARMM Ministry of Social Services and Development, especially during emergency situations when food packs are needed.

The tour highlighted FAST’s advanced warehouse and cold storage capabilities, compliant with both local and international standards. FAST also presented its services tailored to distinct customer needs and demand, which include highly-diversified temperature storage capabilities, blast freezing, bundling and packaging, dry warehousing for non-refrigerated items, and refrigerated transport for both frozen and chilled products.

FAST ColdChain Hub offers temperature-controlled warehousing solutions for a wide range of products, from food and pharmaceuticals to sensitive electronic equipment, through its brand “Fresh by FAST.” It caters to a diverse range of clients including agriculture companies, meat processing and importation firms, full-service and quick-service restaurants, healthcare organizations, and local government bodies, among others.

Selected staff from the Ministry of Social Services and Development of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (MSSD-BARMM) visited the FAST ColdChain Hub in Tayud, Consolacion in Cebu on April 24, 2024 as part of their preparations for the construction of their own warehouse in the region.

The participants also learned about FAST’s Warehouse Management System, a software solution that elevates every level of warehouse and cold chain operations, enhancing operational efficiency, minimizing errors in inventory management, reducing stockouts, and boosting order fulfillment for improved customer satisfaction.

“Our Warehouse Management System through Honeywell has helped our operations by ensuring effective and efficient services that we offer. We can monitor our stocks by the minute real-time so that we can provide our customers with the services they require,” said FAST ColdChain Hub-Tayud Engineering and Facility Manager John Ernest S. Fortin.

FAST Logistics Group is the Philippines’ first and only accredited implementer of the Honeywell Warehouse Management System. Through this technology, businesses can minimize overstocking and under-stocking issues, and ensures customers receive their orders as promised.

Furthermore, FAST emphasized its centralized and digitalized control monitoring system throughout its operations. This system allows for hourly monitoring of temperature requirements, digital recording of data, and real-time monitoring to ensure optimal operation.

FAST also shared its best practices in the cold chain industry and warehouse management and discussed how it continuously invests in technology to enhance its operations. The experience provided insight into the intricacies of maintaining product integrity in temperature-controlled environments, offering a firsthand perspective of how investments in cold storage facilities and warehouse management are paramount in public health and safety.

The delegates learned about the importance of maintaining proper temperature control throughout the supply chain to ensure the quality and safety of goods. Attendees gained insights into how FAST’s innovative logistics solutions improve storage processes for perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, meat products, and medicine, which are highly important during emergencies.

FAST ColdChain Hubs provide real-time visibility. Cold storage facilities are outfitted with advanced temperature and humidity sensors, accessible via mobile or web platforms, allowing companies and businesses to monitor their goods even from remote locations.

The tour highlighted the critical role of partnership between government bodies and private entities in seeking opportunities to enhance social services and infrastructure, foster regional growth, and strengthen disaster resilience.

Private and Public Sector Collaboration for Innovation

The learning tour went beyond merely highlighting FAST’s exceptional services. It underscored the critical role of collaboration between the government and the private sector in delivering vital services, particularly in ensuring food safety and medicine availability during emergencies and disasters.

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic in the Philippines, FAST was tapped by the Philippine government to deliver Covid-19 vaccines in various provinces in the country.

Zoraya B. Masakak, Director II at the BARMM Ministry of Social Services and Development, said the insights they gained from their visit to the FAST ColdChain Hub in Tayud would play a key role in the construction of their own warehouse, as well as in improving their logistics capabilities during unforeseen events.

“I noticed that FAST really invested in equipment and systems to proper handling of products. FAST has the right technology, the right manpower, and the best practices in handling warehousing,” she said.

FAST also operates a cold chain hub in Cavite, powered by solar energy. This not only lowers CO2 emissions from warehouse activities but also enhances the facility’s contribution towards environmental sustainability.

Through this initiative, FAST demonstrated its commitment to supporting disaster response and social services in the BARMM and other parts of the Philippines. By sharing best practices and innovative solutions, FAST is helping government agencies increase their logistics capabilities, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of services to those in need.

The synergy between FAST and the government is a testament to how collaboration and innovation can drive progress and improve the overall quality of life for all Filipinos. Through private and public sector partnerships, the Philippines is poised to further enhance its cold storage and warehouse management capabilities, leading to a more disaster-resilient nation.

With over 50 years of industry leadership, FAST Logistics Group is the leading end-to-end logistics company in the country that offers a comprehensive range of warehouse and transport solutions. To learn more about our services, contact our Solutions Expert or visit 

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