FAST Logistics Group has inaugurated a new learners dormitory adjacent to the FAST Learning and Development Center in Cabuyao, Laguna to provide a conducive and comfortable living space for students attending the center’s training programs, especially those hailing from distant provinces.

The new facility will also provide accommodation for FAST employees who work at the Laguna warehouse but reside in other provinces. This will eliminate their need for daily travel, reducing transportation expenses and improving their work-life balance.

FAST CEO for Logistics Manuel L. Onrejas Jr. led the ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the 215-square-meter FAST Learners Dorm on Thursday, May 2.

FAST Learners Dorm is equipped with spacious and air-conditioned rooms housing 28 beds for males and 12 for females. The rooms are complemented by basic amenities including a laundry area, dining space, and al fresco area to ensure both comfort and convenience for all occupants.

FAST Logistics Group, the leading end-to-end logistics company in the Philippines, constructed a 215-square-meter dormitory in Cabuyao, Laguna. This facility is designed to accommodate FAST Learning and Development Center students and FAST employees hailing from various provinces.

The opening of the FAST Learners Dorm marks another milestone in the company’s talent development efforts as an industry leader in Philippine logistics. With the newly-constructed facility, students enrolled at FAST Learning and Development Center now have convenient accommodations mere steps away from their classrooms. This arrangement empowers them to dedicate more time to their studies and other developmental activities as it takes away the time spent on travel.

Learners can also take advantage of this opportunity by engaging in collaborative learning with fellow students about logistics operations outside of class hours. This enriches their educational journey, beneficial not only in the academic setting but also in pursuing innovations and excellence in the logistics industry.

A first of its kind in the Philippines, the FAST Learning and Development Center is accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to offer various logistics learning programs tailored for all aspiring recruits as well as current FAST employees. The learning center also extends its services to employees from various companies seeking to provide better opportunities for their workforce while enhancing their supply chain operations.

Leveraging FAST’s over 50 years of experience serving the Philippines’ largest multinational companies and conglomerates, FAST Learning and Development Center programs aim to further develop the competencies of Filipino workers and foster a culture of innovation in the logistics industry.

As an industry leader providing topnotch warehousing and transportation solutions, FAST ensures its employees’ continuous growth by investing in learning and development programs and training facilities.

FAST utilizes a Learning Management System to equip its employees with the crucial skills and knowledge necessary for excelling in their roles. This online curriculum is meticulously designed to boost employees’ technical proficiency across areas such as software development, data analysis, and human resources, among others, which they need to proficiently oversee projects, teams, and resources.

Promoting Employee Well-Being

With the opening of the new FAST dormitory, employees recruited from other provinces also have access to more comfortable accommodations while working at the FAST warehouse in Laguna. This will allow them to concentrate better on their work and alleviate the stress associated with daily commutes.

Staying in the dormitory will decrease their travel time to work, allowing them to pursue leisure activities and personal interests. Decreasing daily commute time also reduces the likelihood of employees facing transportation challenges like traffic jams or delays which negatively affect punctuality and overall productivity. 

Moreover, the dormitory offers air-conditioned rooms and essential amenities, creating an ideal environment for employees to unwind after a long day’s work. 

FAST has been recognized by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Statista as one of the Philippines’ Best Employers for two consecutive years, from 2023 to 2024, demonstrating the company’s commitment to promoting employee well-being and creating a positive company culture

By providing accommodation just steps away from the learning center, the FAST Learners Dorm eliminates the hassle of daily commuting for FAST employees and learners. This convenience not only saves time and energy but also allows them to focus more effectively on their work and studies.

The construction of FAST Learners Dorm in Laguna is a testament to the company’s dedication to promoting talent development and employee well-being. By providing convenient and comfortable accommodations for both learners and employees, the company sets itself apart as an industry leader that promotes a culture of support and care for logistics workers. 

FAST goes above and beyond to attract, employ, and retain the best professionals in the warehousing and transportation business. The organization firmly believes that its people are its strongest asset, and acknowledges the need to invest in talent development and employee well-being to reinforce excellence and innovation in logistics.

With over 50 years of industry leadership, FAST Logistics Group is the leading end-to-end logistics company in the country that offers comprehensive and innovative solutions for businesses. Visit or contact our Solutions Expert to learn more.

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