FAST Logistics Group, the Philippines’ premier end-to-end logistics company, has earned a spot at the prestigious list of ‘The Philippines Best Employers 2024’ by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Statista.

FAST Logistics Group, the leading company of logistics and selling distribution solutions in the Philippines, has once again secured a place among the Philippines’ Best Employers – this recognition marks the second consecutive year that the company has achieved this honor. 

The list of the Philippines Best Employers 2024 is determined by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Statista, the global leader in data and business intelligence. FAST Logistics Group was recognized as part of the list after they had conducted an in-depth study among companies in the country with at least 250 employees, and over 3,400 eligible employers in total.

As a tech-forward company with over 50 years of industry leadership, FAST Logistics Group‘s outstanding performance in this monumental survey is a testament to its commitment to excellence, securing a well-deserved position at the list for its second consecutive year.

Previously, the results of the 2023 Best Employers by Philippine Daily Inquirer and Statista were taken after an examination of over 2,000 businesses within the Philippines; after  feedback from more than 100,000 company employees, and implementing a proven scoring system utilized by Statista, the firms were meticulously ranked and scored.

Being included in the Philippines Best Employers 2024 also underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to providing a positive company culture for its dedicated employees. This reaffirms how the company remains committed to nurturing talent, growth, and upholding innovation in local logistics and supply chain. For more insights on our workplace environment, click here.

FAST Logistics Group is the Philippines’ premier company for logistics and selling distribution solutions with over 50 years of industry leadership. To learn more about our company and what we do, contact our Solutions Expert or visit    

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