FAST Logistics Group, the leading end-to-end logistics company in the country, returns to its founding city and held its’ 50th anniversary event titled, ‘Celebrating Synergies’ last November 15.

FAST Logistics Group, the Philippines’ premier end-to-end logistics company, traced back its incredible journey of collaboration and growth and held its remarkable 50-year milestone titled, ‘Celebrating Synergies’, at the Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu.  

As a testament to its pioneering spirit, FAST Logistics returned to its founding city to commemorate five decades of triumphs, challenges, and, above all, the power of synergies that have fueled its ascent to the summit of the logistics industry in the country. 

With a legacy of innovation, dedication, and unwavering commitment to its partners and clients, the evening’s program took a step back to revel in the stories that has defined the company’s legacy, particularly the stories of growth and resilience that took place in Visayas and Mindanao.

A Night of Solutions, Stories and Songs

Mr. Ronald Francis M. Dompor, the Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, echoed the modest begginings of the company’s growth and innovation – from starting with shipping with William Lines Inc., to the logistics and selling distribution pioneer that it is today.

As the company looks towards the future, it does so with a profound sense of appreciation for its. deep-rooted connections. This is nurtured by the teams assigned to operate in Visayas and Mindanao regions, for each having the platform to express how the stories of synergy unfolded in their respective areas. 

Ms. Edda Fernandez, the Senior Manager for Business Development of FAST Logistics Group, shared how the entrepreneurial spirit in these regions have propelled the company forward, adding “Fast forward 50 years to now, we remain true with our passion as we continue to co-create value with our partners.”

Meanwhile, Assistant Vice President of Mindanao Operations Mr. Francis “Coy” Pana expressed how the island emerged as one of the most progressive regions in the southern Philippines. “In the long run, it is foreseen that new and growing businesses will provide more than just livelihood – FAST is there to recognize these opportunities with every synergy we encounter along the way,” he added.

FAST Logistics Group navigates through rural logistics in the Philippines, especially in far-flung areas in regions of Visayas and Mindanao. To learn more about how to overcome these challenges with logistics and selling distribution solutions, click here.

Vice President for Operations of FAST Distribution Group Mr. Renante “Rey” Pelonio underscored how partnerships in Visayas for both big and small businesses, have rewritten the distribution landscape in the area. He mentioned, “Our synergy with the sari-sari stores have been vital in our success, achieved through the small store format.” 

Finally, the gratitude expressed by Mr. Bong Ozon, Assistant Vice President for Operations of FAST Unimerchant Inc., was a genuine acknowledgment for how the cultural richness of these regions and how “partnerships extend far beyond transactions.” He said, “our distribution footprint in Visayas continues to grow,” and “reach the end-users of our clients, no matter how far.” 

The event also featured soulful melodies from Rondalla Performers and the University of Cebu Choir, added a touch of cultural richness to the journey that the company’s valued business partners and associated walked, hand-in-hand with the company throughout the years.

Daghang Salamat, VisMin!

‘Celebrating Synergies’ served as a platform to extend heartfelt appreciation to the diverse tapestry of individuals and businesses, whether through the resilient operations in Mindanao or the bustling logistics networks in Visayas; every milestone and achievement was recognized.

Group President Mr. William B. Chiongbian II led the toast to the next chapter of the company, and highlighted how it will carry forward the lessons learned, the relationships nurtured, and the commitment to continuous innovation. “Our aspirations are getting bigger – as our way of thanking all of you in this night, we’d like to bring you into this FAST ecosystem,” he concluded.

FAST Logistics Group is the leading company of logistics and selling distribution solutions in the Philippines, with over 50 years of industry leadership. To learn more about what we do, visit or contact our Solutions Expert 

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