Manufacturers are constantly striving to increase their sales figures and carve out a significant market share. They invest in innovative technologies, refine their production processes, and develop strategic marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition and meet evolving consumer demands.

This pursuit often leads to exhaustive sales efforts and increased labor costs that consume valuable resources. Sales and marketing teams may spend countless hours reaching potential customers, attending networking events, and crafting personalized pitches. These initiatives, however, do not guarantee success as market conditions, competition, and client preferences can change unpredictably.

Businesses are therefore challenged to constantly innovate and adapt their approaches to become more profitable without overburdening their teams or depleting resources. Achieving this demands a careful balance of strategic planning, resource management, and continuous improvement.

FAST Logistics Group, the Philippines’ leading end-to-end logistics and distribution company, explores various sales strategies that manufacturing businesses can adopt to boost their profitability.

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Manufacturers continually seek new customers to expand their market presence and achieve their growth objectives. By having a thorough understanding of their target market, they can tailor their strategies to attract a broader range of potential buyers.

How to Increase Sales in Manufacturing

Companies are expected to navigate the complexities of the market, stay ahead of competitors, and sustainably grow their operations over time. Here are several methods for manufacturers to get market exposure and enhance sales in an increasingly competitive market.

Understand Market Trends and Demands

Before overhauling selling and distribution strategies or implementing new sales tactics, it is imperative to have your finger on the pulse of current market trends and demands. It involves focused market research and thoughtful analysis to gain a thorough understanding of consumer behavior and market dynamics to help you shape your strategies to increase sales.

In addition, leveraging data analytics and customer feedback can further refine your manufacturing sales approach and product offerings, ensuring that your strategies are reactive and proactive in anticipating future trends. This comprehensive approach can significantly enhance your sales efforts’ effectiveness and contribute to your organization’s growth.

FAST is the leading distributor of top brands in the Philippines, particularly in the Visayas, supported by an extensive network and dedicated workforce. We offer reliable and effective selling and distribution solutions, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations and achieve market leadership.

Evaluate Existing Manufacturing Sales Strategy

Take a step back to evaluate your current top sales strategy and processes. Identify which efforts are delivering results and which are draining time and money with minimal return. Utilize data from sales reports, customer feedback, and team insights to gain a comprehensive understanding of each tactic’s effectiveness.

By meticulously analyzing your existing strategies, you can pinpoint areas for improvement for increased efficiency. This will enable you to simplify your approach, eliminate redundant procedures, and focus on activities that truly drive sales and growth.

Make It Easy to Purchase From You

One of the simplest ways to increase sales is by becoming more accessible to the customer. Start by enhancing your online presence: make your website user-friendly and optimized for search engines, and extend your content marketing reach through social media channels.

In addition, offering comprehensive door-to-door delivery services can be a game-changer as it removes a common barrier to the purchasing decision. Providing excellent customer service, such as live chat support and flexible return policies, can further enhance the shopping experience and build customer loyalty.

FAST operates a comprehensive selling and distribution network that enables the country’s leading brands to reach the farthest areas of the archipelago. It employs local salesmen and drivers who possess deep knowledge of their areas and work tirelessly to ensure timely and efficient distribution of various product offerings needed by customers.

FAST Logistics Group employee offering discounts to a sari-sari store owner
Nurturing relationships with existing customers and clients is vital for maintaining loyalty and ensuring steady revenue. As one of the largest and most trusted selling and distribution companies in the Philippines, FAST helps manufacturers not only in bringing their products to far-flung areas but also in building strong relationships with retailers and resellers.

Offer Promos or Bundled Solutions

Another sales strategy is having limited-time promotions or bundled solutions that can create a sense of urgency and value that attracts customers. These offers tap into the psychological principle of scarcity, making potential buyers more inclined to act quickly to avoid missing out. This strategic approach doesn’t require continuous discounting; instead, it focuses on creating compelling offers that align with your customers’ buying patterns. It also makes customers feel they are receiving more value for their money.

By understanding when and why your customers make purchases, you can tailor these promotions to maximize their impact. This often leads to increased order volume and higher transaction values in your sales cycle, as well as enhanced customer loyalty.

FAST employs multiple selling strategies, particularly in rural markets, to increase sales. These strategies include pre-selling or booking orders for a scheduled delivery, and van selling for direct and immediate transactions. FAST also utilizes the Book Today, Deliver Tomorrow selling and distribution strategy, where salesmen prioritize taking orders to boost sales and foster relationships with retailers. The delivery team handles product delivery and payment collection the next day.

Set Strategic Pricing

Smart and competitive pricing involves understanding market demand and the perceived value of your product offerings and setting prices accordingly. This could mean premium pricing for high-value items or strategic discounts to attract new customers.

Moreover, a good pricing strategy takes into account seasonal trends, customer acquisition costs, and economic factors that could affect purchasing decisions. The goal is to achieve a perfect balance that maximizes profit while enticing customers, making them feel they are receiving great value for their money.

Target New Accounts Over New Markets

Attracting potential customers might seem like an obvious growth strategy, but targeting new accounts within existing markets can be more effective and less resource-intensive. Instead of diving into unknown territories, leverage your existing market knowledge and presence to identify customers who have not been tapped yet.

This approach allows you to maximize your established networks, utilize your understanding of customer behaviors and buyer persona, and minimize the risks and costs associated with entering completely new markets. By focusing on opportunities within familiar grounds, you can achieve sustainable growth while efficiently using your resources.

Unlike urban markets where digital marketing thrives, rural retailers need personal or hybrid selling strategies. Limited tech-savvy consumers in rural areas require businesses to invest in extra fleet and manpower, leading to higher costs and resource allocation. Manufacturers will benefit from salesforce automation tools that can work without internet connectivity, ensuring they can sell products and reach more customers even in remote locations.

Automate the Sales Process

Automation can cut down the time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing your sales and marketing team to focus on developing customer relationships and closing deals. Instead of wasting hours on mundane activities such as data entry or follow-up emails, your team can concentrate on strategizing and personalizing their sales approach to each client if sales processes are automated.

Automation technologies can also monitor real-time transactions, track customer locations, analyze data on team performance to provide insights, and even automate marketing campaigns, ensuring every lead is nurtured efficiently. It also reduces the risk of errors and variances. By leveraging these advanced capabilities, businesses can streamline their operations and focus more on strategic growth initiatives.

FAST has developed MyBuddy, a sales force automation tool designed to streamline sales processes. This mobile app facilitates customer order processing and serves as a comprehensive repository for transactions and sales data, all accessible offline. Even in remote areas with limited connectivity, FAST can still deliver efficient selling and distribution solutions to its partner stores through this technology.

Prioritize Good Customer Service

When customers feel valued and supported, they are more likely to become repeat buyers and advocate for your brand to their friends, family, and colleagues. This word-of-mouth marketing can be invaluable. Investing in personalized marketing and training your customer service team to handle inquiries and resolve issues promptly can enhance customer satisfaction and sales growth.

Effective customer service also includes active listening, empathy, and timely follow-up, all of which contribute to building a loyal customer base and a strong brand reputation. By going the extra mile to ensure each customer experience and interaction is positive, companies can foster long-term relationships and achieve sustained success in the manufacturing business.

A distributor takes orders of customers using sales force automation tool
FAST employs sales force automation tools to streamline its selling and distribution processes. These tools offer businesses advanced analytics and real-time data access, facilitating efficient team management. Key features such as GPS integration and customizable store-locking ensure that sales personnel conduct transactions within designated areas, guaranteeing that all transactions are legitimate and properly recorded.

Foster Good Relationships with Retailers and Resellers

Manufacturers often rely on intermediaries to get their products to market. Cultivating robust partnerships with resellers or retailers can ensure they are as invested in selling your products as you are. Offer them the support they need, including marketing materials, sales collateral, product training, or even incentives to prioritize your products.

Additionally, maintaining open lines of communication and providing regular updates to sales reps about product innovations or promotions can further strengthen these relationships. By doing so, you can create a motivated and informed sales force that drives your products’ success in the market.

FAST has cultivated robust relationships with resellers, especially small sari-sari stores in the Visayas and Mindanao provinces, offering significant benefits for manufacturers aiming to expand their reach. Leveraging its deep understanding of geographical complexities and expertise in product selling and distribution, FAST provides a dependable and efficient network that enables manufacturers to penetrate even the most remote areas seamlessly.

Collaborate with a Trusted Selling and Distribution Partner

Collaboration with a trusted distributor can extend your market reach more efficiently than trying to go it alone. A good distributor will already have a solid network and a deep understanding of local markets, reducing the need for you to build intensive distribution from the ground up. They possess valuable insights into regional consumer behavior, regulatory requirements, and competitive landscapes.

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Moreover, their expertise in selling and distribution strategies tailored to drive more sales can be invaluable. Manufacturers can concentrate on product development and innovation, while distributors, with their established relationships and logistical prowess, manage the complexities of timely and accurate product delivery.

Business Growth in Manufacturing

Increasing sales in the manufacturing industry doesn’t necessarily require more extensive or exhaustive efforts; instead, it demands strategic thinking, careful resource management, and effective use of data and market insights.

Manufacturers should therefore prioritize understanding market trends and customer demands through comprehensive market research to refine their sales strategies. This ensures they are not only reactive but also proactive in meeting future needs, allowing them to align their strategies with current and anticipated market conditions.

They should also simplify the purchasing process through enhanced online presence, reliable selling and distribution channels, and robust supply chain management. Strategic pricing, targeted promotions, and strong customer service further contribute to building customer loyalty and increasing transaction volumes, helping to reach a broader range of potential buyers and attracting new customers.

Notably, leveraging automation and collaborating with trusted distributors can streamline operations and extend market reach without overburdening the sales team. Automation reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing teams to focus on developing relationships with their target audience and closing deals.

Companies should also forge partnerships with knowledgeable distributors also enable manufacturers to penetrate new markets and enhance distribution efficiency. By doing so, businesses can significantly enhance their sales performance and achieve their revenue goals while ensuring a targeted approach toward their growth objectives.

Manufacturers can rely on FAST, the leading end-to-end logistics and selling and distribution company in the Philippines, to boost their sales and position themselves for sustained success in an increasingly competitive market. By leveraging FAST’s extensive experience and innovative strategies, businesses can navigate market challenges more effectively, optimize their operations, and ensure long-term growth and profitability. Contact our Solutions Experts or visit to learn more

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