Millions of Filipinos grapple with hunger and malnutrition every day. This critical situation is worsened by a troubling amount of food waste, frequently caused by inadequate storage methods, insufficient infrastructure, or various inefficiencies within the supply chain.

In the Philippines, inadequate logistics and post-harvest facilities cause nearly 30% of agricultural produce to be wasted, including 450,000 tons of rice annually, according to the government. This alarming figure underscores the need to adopt efficient processes to reduce food waste. It is also vital to develop and implement innovative logistics solutions to streamline distribution, enhance storage conditions, and improve the transportation efficiency of perishable goods.

FAST Logistics Group, the leading end-to-end logistics and distribution company in the Philippines, highlights the importance of partnering with a reliable and integrated logistics provider to help companies, businesses, and retailers reduce food waste through innovative solutions.

What are Innovative Solutions for Reducing Food Waste

Businesses can rely on reliable logistics partners that develop innovative solutions to improve supply chain processes and minimize food loss. Here’s how innovation helps companies and retailers reduce food waste:

Diversified Temperature Storage Capabilities

Cold storage facilities with highly diversified temperature capabilities are fundamental for keeping food fresh. These facilities can maintain precise temperature settings tailored to the specific requirements of various types of produce, from dairy products and meats to fruits and vegetables.

By maintaining the appropriate temperature settings, a reliable logistics partner ensures that perishable goods are kept in optimal conditions, thus extending their shelf life and reducing waste. This careful temperature control not only preserves the quality and safety of the food but also contributes to overall supply chain efficiency by minimizing spoilage and loss.

Under the brand “Fresh by FAST,” FAST provides advanced ColdChain solutions including refrigerated transportation and cold storage tailored to meet client needs. Businesses can select from FAST’s multiple temperatures — frozen, chilled, ambient, and dry — providing a one-stop solution for all cold storage requirements. Our comprehensive services encompass blast freezing, meat processing, and picking and packing for the most discerning customers in the food sector.

FAST offers temperature-controlled warehousing and transport solutions for a wide range of products, from food and pharmaceuticals to sensitive electronic equipment, through its brand “Fresh by FAST.” Serving a diverse clientele, including agriculture companies, meat processors and importers, full-service and quick-service restaurants, healthcare organizations, and local government bodies, FAST ensures optimal preservation and delivery of goods.

Specialized Transportation

Cold chain logistics involve refrigerated vehicles equipped with advanced temperature and thermal monitoring systems to ensure product integrity during transit. These vehicles, including insulated trucks, vans, and even motorcycles for last-mile delivery, are meticulously designed to prevent heat loss throughout the entire journey.

This is particularly crucial when transporting perishable goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, especially during the summer season. The use of these specialized transportation methods ensures that products such as fresh produce remain within the required temperature range to maintain safety and quality.

Centralized and Digitalized Control Monitoring System

Cold storage facilities equipped with centralized, digital control systems offer businesses real-time temperature monitoring, even in remote locations. This 24/7 visibility ensures that any deviations from required storage conditions are swiftly addressed, preventing food spoilage, and keeping food products fresh until they reach consumers.

Effective temperature control is crucial for preserving the quality of perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. These items are highly sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, which can affect their texture, flavor, odor, and appearance. With optimal temperature conditions, businesses can ensure their products remain of the highest quality.

FAST ColdChain Hubs are outfitted with advanced temperature and humidity sensors, accessible through mobile and web platforms. This enables companies to remotely monitor their goods with ease.

Advanced Warehouse Systems for Operational Efficiency

Innovative logistics solutions extend beyond just offering temperature-controlled facilities or vehicles. They also integrate advanced systems and processes that enhance operational efficiency, such as the Warehouse Management System (WMS), which offers real-time data on inventory levels, expiration dates, deliveries, and other important metrics.

Utilizing this technology enables businesses to minimize errors in inventory management, reduce stockouts, and boost order fulfillment for improved customer satisfaction. WMS also ensures that food products are properly stored and managed, with food waste management significantly reducing the chances of spoilage.

FAST utilizes Meson WMS, formerly called Honeywell WMS. This software solution is used to automate every stage of the warehouse process for faster order processing, reduced labor costs, and increased overall productivity.

Alongside our use of a Warehouse Management System, we ensure inventory accuracy with daily physical counts and spot audits. Our meticulous processes guarantee that products are accurately accounted for, free from allergens and harmful chemicals, and meet the highest safety standards.

Transport Systems for Smarter and Faster Planning

Transport agility is crucial for preserving perishable goods. Having a logistics partner with a Transport Management System (TMS) that can pivot and create new plans when delays or disruptions occur can make a significant difference. TMS helps in rerouting fleet or delivery trucks to avoid delays, ensuring that perishable goods reach their destination in optimal condition.

TMS also offers features for managing and scheduling fleets, including real-time tracking of vehicles and automated dispatching based on delivery schedules. It also integrates the use of electronic proof of delivery to streamline delivery confirmation and reduce paperwork.

FAST utilizes a Transport Management System for route optimization and real-time monitoring updates. Developed by the company’s IT experts, TMS enables immediate decision-making, leading to cost reduction and swift resolution of potential disruptions. The system also provides truck drivers real-time updates about road hazards and other crucial information while in transit.

Streamlined Supply Chains to Reduce Complexity

Partnering with a logistics provider that offers comprehensive cold chain solutions can help businesses streamline these operations and reduce complexity. This streamlining minimizes the risk of breakages, ensures smooth transitions, and reduces opportunities for food spoilage and loss.

Moreover, having an expert provider manage all aspects of cold storage and transportation allows companies to pour in their resources and concentrate on their core strengths, such as product development and customer service, while guaranteeing the freshness and safety of perishable products.

FAST TMS employs the TMS AI Planner with advanced AI algorithms to optimize shipment allocation, route planning, and delivery schedules. With real-time updates on traffic conditions and delivery time windows, customers can ensure smooth operations and cost savings.

FAST’s ColdChain Hub in Cavite runs on renewable energy. Our solar panels, with a capacity of 600 kilowatts, supply 20% of the facility’s daily energy needs. This reduces our greenhouse gas emissions from warehouse operations and demonstrates our commitment to achieving sustainability.

How Can Businesses Further Help in Reducing Food Waste?

Businesses can also contribute to reducing food waste. By adopting a circular economy approach and effective food waste management strategies, companies can repurpose surplus food for other uses, such as animal feed, compost, or energy production. They can also educate employees and consumers about the importance of reducing food wastage as it can lead to more conscious consumption patterns. 

Moreover, businesses can turn food wastage into a business opportunity by creating new products from food that would otherwise go to waste. Through collaboration with farms and other agricultural producers, companies can develop innovative solutions and invest in technologies and practices that extend the shelf life of food products to reduce waste across the supply chain. By doing so, they contribute to a more sustainable food system, addressing both environmental and economic challenges in both developed and developing countries. This also allows businesses to reduce disposal costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Intelligent ColdChain Solutions for Food Waste Reduction

ColdChain in the Philippines is more than a mere link in the supply chain; it is a crucial component that guarantees the safety, quality, and integrity of temperature-sensitive products. Companies, particularly in the agribusiness sector, can select the ideal ColdChain partner to meet their logistical needs by understanding the distinct capabilities of cold storage facilities in the Philippines.

In addition, business owners and retailers in the Philippines can enhance supply chain processes and support initiatives to reduce food waste by partnering with integrated logistics providers that leverage cutting-edge technologies and advanced systems. From specialized transport capabilities and a centralized control monitoring system, technology and digital tools are crucial in minimizing and managing food waste. Integrating these innovative logistics solutions into business operations also guarantees the safe and timely delivery of fresh, high-quality products to consumers.

By partnering with trusted logistics companies like FAST, businesses dealing with fresh products — meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, processed foods, fruits and vegetables, medicines, vaccines, and more — can achieve operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact and food waste, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

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